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Seasonal Assortment - Spring/Summer Collection 6 Towels

Retail Value ranges between $64.00 and $75.00
Putting out a fresh collection of kitchen towels for spring can do wonders to lighten up and refresh your own "Heart Of The Home" when the weather finally warms up! Our Spring/Summer Season Collection will include 6 assorted towels with a slant toward spring and summer designs, fresh lighter colors and holidays that crop up during those wonderful warmer months.
Remember, WE CHOOSE...YOU SAVE! If you receive one that doesn't fit your style just tuck it into your next potluck dish for a hostess of your choice, roll & tie on top of a gift or toss into a picnic basket. We love passing towels out to guests, using them as visitor gifts or just a sweet gesture when stopping by a friend's home. Don't worry, a new dish towel with never end up sitting in a drawer. They are too precious and always, always bring a smile to someone special. See some samples of how your assortment might look.