Our Story

Our Story


There is that moment - when after a day of cooking for friends and family that the kitchen is back in order and I reach for a clean dish towel. One that reflects a mood and enhances that feeling of satisfaction. That simple towel may salute a new season, add a touch of whimsy or evoke a memory from my past. No matter the choice, it brings a smile to my face. The workhorse of any busy kitchen; we salute that often unappreciated, yet affordable textile that likely co-mingles with our first memory of Mom.....The Dish Towel. No, you can never have too many.


Sharing the Love

Our passion for the dish towel and all that revolves around the love of a cozy kitchen runs deep. Cooking and baking courses through our veins and so does the ministry of sharing that passion. Running a local church soup kitchen occupies all of my Fridays and is something I am blessed to share with favorite chef, my mom. Our web expert is also an amazing cook, dazzling family and friends in her pursuit of the next great recipe. She spends Thursdays delivering Meals on Wheels and operates a route her mom and her have managed for years. Even in the busiest of seasons at work, we never deviate from the schedule. Ministry is that important to us.

We use and test drive many of our favorite towels in these pursuits, so don't be surprised so see them show up in a photo. Thrown over a bread loaf, dappled with pasta sauce or draped over our shoulder...they earn their keep!  

Dish towels are not just for pretty around these parts


Our first Passion

It all really started with our parent company; For the Love of Dogs, LLC

Everyone around here is in some way involved with rescue dogs and this venture helps us to support those causes. A great selection of home decor and unique gifts for your favorite dog lover!   We have a little something for everyone.  

Visit us at www.aloveofdogs.com

A Love of Dish Towels is a division of parent company "For the Love of Dogs, LLC"