Why the Pineapple is a Sign of Hospitality

Have you ever been to an inn and seen pineapples carved in to the bedposts? Or have you seen a lamp shaped like a pineapple? Pineapples appear in areas where guests are usually welcomed because they have become a symbol of hospitality. But why? Why would a pineapple be used to welcome guests?

Since the 17th century, American colonists have been importing pineapples. They were brought in from Caribbean Islands and in the 17th century that was a difficult thing to do. It would have been quite an achievement for someone to be able to offer a ripe pineapple to their guests. They would be set out as the centerpiece of the food offered to the guests. Over time, even as pineapples were easier to come by, they still were used as a welcoming symbol. 

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