Italian Salad a Soup Kichen Hit! - A Love Of Dish Towels

Salads at the Soup Kitchen are always challenging.  One can get in a rut quickly by throwing out the same 4-ingredient salad every other week.  We just tried something a little different.  Served with Spaghetti Pie, this tossed salad/anti pesto combination salad was really a hit.  Just threw in some mozerella, olives, hard-boiled eggs, salami (which we have a ton of) and some peppers and olive oil with vinegar.  A BIG HIT!!!!

Soup Kitchen Potatoes - A Love Of Dish Towels

Nothing keeps my wheels turning like trying to come up with fresh potato recipes for the soup kitchen on Fridays; mashed, scalloped, hash brown casseroles, new potatoes in butter, Au Gratin, oven-roasted....the list goes on.  Was inspired by a fresh bunch of little reds and a fresh bunch of parsley - oh...and three pounds of butter!  50 lbs. of YUM.

New Recipe Dish Towels - Favorite Classic Recipes on Flour Sack

Here come the new recipe towels...always a CUSTOMER FAVORITE!  With script and little decorative icons, these lovely flour sacks will walk you through these classical favorites.  This batch features an emphasis on the upcoming days of summer which always means picnics and get togethers.  A perfect little thing to bring along with a dish for your hostess.